Riverdogs Logo

Logo: Riverdogs
Client: Hibblen Design(Internship)

The logo was designed for a grade school baseball team. I wanted the font to feel authentic with other baseball logos.

- Illustrator

Winning Times Sports Bar Logo

Logo: Winning Times

I really like how this logo came together. I think what helped the most was using a font and transforming it to look like an old school baseball logo.

- Illustrator

Oklahoma Logo

Logo: Oklahoma

I wanted to do a logo with completely custom letters that I drew myself. The texture over the font represents the red dirt of Oklahoman soil.

- Illustrator

Aloha Beaches Logo

Logo: Aloha

This logo is combination of two fonts and a flower illustration. I used a rainbow gradient because of it's history with the state of Hawaii.

- Illustrator

Leap Year Logo

Logo: Leap Year Loot

I created this logo in Illustrator and it came together pretty fast. All I needed was to find a couple of cool fonts and add a gradient here and there.

- Illustrator

Tracy Byrd Logo

Logo: Tracy Byrd

I created this logo for a country singer we had at the casino. The font's rugged look was a perfict fit.


Happy Hour Logo

Logo: Happy Hour

A fun logo designed in Illustrator. I tried to find a font that had a fun drawn out look like mug with its thick drawn lines. An added bonus is masking an image inside the glass for an added effect.

- Illustrator

Haunted House Logo

Logo: Haunted House

This logo started with the fun Halloween font I found. I then styled the text and followed with a few blood splatters in the back. I'm using two complimentary colors in red and green that remind us of christmas, but they work effectively here for Halloween.

- Photoshop

Blackjack Tournament Logo

Logo: Blackjack Tournament

I wanted this Blackjack logo to have an old west feel. I transformed the Blackjack font in photoshop and added some ornaments.

- Photoshop

Red Rock Logo

Logo: Red Rock Restaurant

Logo for a proposed restaurant in Western Oklahoma.

- Illustrator

Blackjack Logo

Logo: Ante Free Blackjack

What I like best about this logo is the effective use of photoshop layer styles on the two fonts and the giant spade. The fonts both contribute each other nicely as well.

- Photoshop

Armchair QB logo

Logo: Armchair QB

A logo designed for a football pick'em. The idea started with the brozne trophy of the quarterback in an chair. The rest of the football shield is styled with a bronze look to match the trophy.

- Illustrator

Golden Egg Hunt Logo

Logo: Egg Hunt

Not a very complicated logo, but I like the way it came together. The simple use of the crosshairs at the bottom also bring everything together nicely.

- Photoshop

Fantastic Fourtune Logo

Logo: Fantastic Fourtune

A logo designed for a Fourth of July promotion. The fonts were altered in Photoshop and I added additional shapes in Illustrator to complete the logo.

- Illustrator and Photoshop

Rapid Refunds Logo

Logo: Rapid Refunds

A logo for a tax refund promotion. I needed to emphasize the rapid part of the logo, so I used some jagged cut outs to give the logo a rapid movement effect.

- Photoshop

Midnight Matchplays Logo

Logo: Midnight Matchplays

My favorite thing about this logo is the glow of the moon. The background also helps this logo pop off.

- Photoshop

Back 2 Cool logo

Logo: Back 2 Cool

Two fun logos to design for a back to school promotion. Back 2 Cool works because it's being rotated at an angle allowing the font to flow with the sunglasses for a seamless effect.

- Illustrator and Photoshop

Feather Fest Logo

Logo: Feather Fest
Client: Tulsa Zoo

Feather Fest was an interactive aviary exhibit at the zoo. The target audience was mothers with young children, so I designed cartoon birds that would appeal to a family audience.

- Illustrator

Boocoo Logo

Logos: Boocoo and Smoke
Client: Hibblen Design(Internship)

The Logos were an idea for a new fishing rod being developed with young adults in mind. The logos had to be designed horizontally to fit on the thin surface of a fishing rod.

- Illustrator

Animal Hospital Logo

Logos: Animal Hospital

This logo was an idea for an Animal Hospital in Bartlesville, OK. My idea was to combine a cartoon illustration with a fun round font.

- Illustrator

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Logo

Logo: Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Client: Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Graphic design class assignment. My goal was to utilize the prairie's strongest attribute, the American Bison. I designed everything with one color to keep costs down. The paper was made with recycled paper to bring awareness to nature conservatism.

- Illustrator

Wildberry Logo

Logo: Wildberry

Logo created for my future ice cream company. The idea of wildberry icecream comes from combining two fruits together. I designed the letter "d" and "b" in the logo to represent a back to back fruit.

- Illustrator

Master Fine Arts Logo

Logo: Master of Fine Arts
Client: TU School of Art

An in-house project for Third Floor Design. There were no limits to the logo in terms of color. For the Identity, I wanted it to feel like a piece of canvas with paint stains around the edge.

- Illustrator

American Hardwood Floors Logo

Logo: American Hardwood Floors
Client: American Hardwood Floors

Local client who came to Third Floor Design looking for a new logo for their business. To keep costs down we decided everything should be designed in Black and White.

- Illustrator

Amachi Logo

Logo: Amachi
Client: Amachi (BBBSOK)

The logo was created for the Tulsa Chapter of Big Brother Big Sisters of Oklahoma called Amachi. I designed the logo to stand out from other Amachi chapters around the states.

- Illustrator

Purple Cow Creative Logo

Logo: Purple Cow Creative
Client: Ad Campaign Class

Purple Cow Creative was a logo created for my team in my Ad Campaign class' final campaign. Our goal was to really stand out from the crowd with our knowledge, creativity and humor.

- Illustrator