Sugar Creek Shuttle New

Shuttle Wrap: Sugar Creek Casino - Small Shuttle

The fourth wrap that I designed is based mostly on the third vehicle.

- Photoshop

Sugar Creek Showdown Van

Van Wrap: Sugar Creek Showdown

This wrap was a lot of fun. I started with the logo that looks like it's smashing out of the van with a chain link fence inside. Fighters and ring girls were put around the van to include more fighter spirit.

- Photoshop

Sugar Creek Casino Van Wrap

Van Wrap: Sugar Creek Casino

The third vehicle wrap has water splashes behind the wheels to incorporate the "creek" part of the casino's name. There's a lot of advertising going on in these wraps. Besides the usual logo, website and address, we put ads on the back that say "Follow Me To The Sweetest Jackpots Around".

- Photoshop

Sugar Creek Hinder Billboard

Billboard: Hinder

The best billboard I designed at Sugar Creek Casino. The date is appropriately large while attention is still given to the address and website. The image of the guys greyscaled and overlayed with black helped out logo pop off much more.

- Photoshop

Sugar Creek Lorrie Morgan Pam Tillis Billboard

Billboard: Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis

- Photoshop

Jurassic Fun Fair Backdrop

Backdrop: Jurassic Fun Fair

I created this backdrop with the wide format printer we have at the casino. This display was in the event center lobby. When families walked in to our fun fair they were greeted by this giant T-Rex. The backdrop is originally designed for people to take photos with. We would also put our concert artist on the backdrop and encourage people to upload their photos to facebook.


Sugar Creek Casino Outdoor Backlit

Backlit Banner Frame: Players Club Rewards

This is just one of many 10x10 foot backlits that hang outside the casino.


Snack Shack Wrap

Wrap: Snack Shack Merchandiser Wrap

Sometimes you're asked to do something crazy with a wide format printer. I used adhesive backed vinyl paper and measured each panel carefully to attach the pieces to our Snack Shack.

- Photoshop

Tallgrass Prairie Billboard

Billboard: Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Client: Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Part of the Tallgrass Prairie assignment. My main goal for this project was to use Buffalos to sell the preserve. The line, "Where the Buffalo Roam", comes from the song (poem) "Home On The Range".

- Photoshop